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Do you miss the good old days where your daily routine was to play offline arcade and card games on your PC right after school? You can relive those moments again.  Download and play Minesweeper game for your phone and PC! This Minesweeper unblocked game is still designed just like the classic Windows version of the game – playing this will surely take you to a nostalgic trip back to 2002!

The aim of the game is the same. You have to uncover all the squares that do not contain bombs or landmines. If you click on a bomb, you detonate the board and the game is over! Yes, the game can be slow or fast, depending on how you play it. For the record, Minesweeper remains to be one of the best and classic logic games up to this day.

Admit it, some of us haven’t figured out how to play it back then! Many of us just relied on luck and random guesses. The game still offers a lot of fun though, and it still proves to be a very challenging game up to this day.


Need A Refresher? Learn the Rules and Play Minesweeper Again

If you are one of those people who never really understood how to play the game until today, don’t be ashamed. You aren’t the only one. For those who knew the rules of the game since the early 2000s, congratulations! However, you might need a little refresher especially if you haven’t played the game for a long time.

To start playing the game, you need to make a good guess. All the squares on the board can reveal either a mine or a number. Just click on a random square and hope for the best. If it reveals a number – congratulations! You can go on with the game. If you are lucky enough to open a square that has no neighboring bombs, then you will notice that a large area is uncovered.

Now you will see that the square contains a number. That number reveals the number of neighboring squares that contain mines or bombs. You can use this as a clue to further avoid nearby bombs. But of course, you need to rely mostly on guesswork.


Pro Tips When You Play Minesweeper

Although it seems that you need to take a good guess at clicking your first square, it is very unlikely that you would click on a bomb right there and then. In fact, in almost every Minesweeper game, the first square is never a bomb.

Once you click a square and reveal a number, this is your hint as to how many bombs are in its neighboring squares. Nearby bombs are placed adjacently in all directions – above, below, left, and right. Needless to say, squares at the side of the board naturally have lesser neighbors. The game does not put much importance on the sides of the board, so keep your focus on the central part.

However, if you are unsure about a square, you can right-click it to place a question mark and decide about it later. Incorrect marks will not affect your game unless it turns out to be a bomb. You can mark all the squares you want, but the aim of the game remains the same – you have to uncover all non-bomb squares.

Now that you have a clear idea about the actual rules of the game, there is no need for you to play the game blindly and rely solely on luck! So the next thing to do is to master playing the game and take the gameplay at a higher and more difficult level.


Challenge Yourself with Different Minesweeper Board Sizes

If you want to start at a steady pace, you can choose to play a smaller board first. Minesweeper is available in different square sizes. You can start with the smallest which is 3×3 in size, and increase it to 8×8, 9×9 or go way up to the expert grid which is 16×30!

If you think you have mastered the smaller boards, you can challenge yourself to a more difficult round through the bigger boards. Can you uncover all the non-bomb squares? Let’s see how you will do on a 12×12 or 13×8 board!


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Playing Minesweeper is not just a challenging endeavor, but it also makes for a great past time too! If you miss playing Minesweeper on your Windows PC, you can get the game again for free when you get a free Minesweeper download Windows 10 here!

It’s free, safe, and fun. It is exactly the classic Minesweeper puzzle game that you remember from the old days. The next thing you know, playing Minesweeper online will become another part of your regular routine after work or school!


By Evgeny Karavashkin | 998 downloads

Game Features

  • An Addictive Puzzle Game that Requires Logic and Skill
  • Safe, Light, and Easy to Play
  • Variable Minefield Sizes
  • Three Difficulty Levels
  • Designed just like the Classic Minesweeper Game

Download and Play Minesweeper on PC, MAC FREE now!

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Minesweeper Screenshot
Minesweeper Screenshot

Play Minesweeper on PC & Mac FREE now!